Zambia is a new partner with Open Door Missions. Several members of the Board of Directors have worked with Pastor Edward Mulengo and have now partnered with him and his church to preach the gospel in Zambia.



We recently helped him in a difficult time with the burial of his father. Open Door Missions also presented Pastor Edward Mulengo with a new large print Bible. We also helped him secure the funds needed to register his church (Word of Truth), with the Zambian government as was required by law.

We have shared Open Door Missions’ doctrinal statement with him and he fully agrees with it and with our vision for ministry. His work also involves providing animals to families that they may start a business raising other animals or selling milk in their community. Every little bit of help means so much to Pastor Edward with advancing his ministry to the Zambians.

Support the Work in Zambia

If you would like to financially help this church or individuals in Zambia with the assistance they need, donations can be made online here. Simply designate your donation to Zambia and we will get your tax-deductible funds to Pastor Edward. Your prayers for Pastor Edward and the people in Zambia are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Join us in this important work!