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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
A Southern Baptist Outreach
 Welcome to Open Door Missions!

Are you looking for an opportunity to serve the Lord Jesus Christ on a mission trip?  Maybe you need someone to speak to your church about missions opportunities around the world?  Would you like someone to come help plan a mission trip for your church?  Would missions training be a benefit to you or your church missions group? 

Open Door Missions may be just who you are looking for.  This missions ministry is made up of pastors and laymen from across the southeastern United States and our calling is to train and equip churches to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.  We believe God is calling us to help churches plant new churches in America and around the world.


Kenya Dig It?

Open Door Missions is headed for Kenya! 

    This summer's trip to Kenya proved to be a highlight in the ministry of Open Door Missions.  Yes, the soap factory endeavor is alive and moving forward.  But, there is so much more than that.  Go to the Kenya Dig it Page for more information and how you can be a part of this incredible new mission opportunity.

   The on the ground missionaries shared their vision and asked us to join them in the mission opportunity.  And, what an opportunity it is.  WE'RE IN!
 This is a new opportunity for ministry and direction for ODM. We have teamed up with Beyond Poverty and things are moving quickly.  
     Join the Kenya Dig It team today

Love of Christ - Unity

     We have, for several years, partnered with Blake Coffee of Christian Unity Ministries to equip churches with biblical principles so the leadership may recognize attitudes and actions that could result in conflict in the church. Our Lord has done some amazing things as a result of seminars and follow-up with churches from Texas to Florida, Australia, Ukraine and South Africa.
     We are willing to come to your church for a six hour seminar and retreat with your deacons and or Sunday School teachers. The goal is for the "Five Principles of Unity" to become a life style not simply a cirriculum.
     If you are interested in this aspect of our ministry; Contact    Gary Hillyard
You can find Christian Unity Ministries at

Executive Director,

Gary Hillyard


         Recently I have talked with the pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Ukraine and plan to meet with him in July. We have been working in Ukraine since 1991 and we will be going to evaluate our present involvement and to discuss our future involvement with a renewed vision and expectation.

     We have through discussion and prayer, assumed responsibility for a ministry in Kenya, Africa. This ministry has been primarily a work in an orphanage, but the expanded vision is for community transformation. We're planning a trip to Kenya in October to establish an NGO with the Kenyan government.

     We have been contacted by the government of Guinea, West Africa to establish a farming project. This is an old invitation that we assumed had died, but five years later has been resurrected. There is a need for further discussions and mush prayer for this project.

     There is before us the established ministries that we love and for which evaluation and a renewed vision is needed. There is the new ministry that excited us with new possibilities for reaching people for Christ. Then there is the potential ministry opportunities that continually come out way. These demand much prayer and discussion while we wait upon our Lord.

These are exciting days of opportunity!

Love of Christ - A Back Pack

Can the love of Christ look as simple as a back pack?
Open Door Missions believes so! 
Check out our New Mexico Missions page for why we believe it and how you can be a ministry team member.




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